yippee! down 4lbs in one week (39lbs total and counting).

IMG00859-20130908-1910 (1)

Brady and I had our usual “Weigh-in” today.  I was down 4lbs (I’ll let brady announce his results…he has some good news to share also). We made 2 simple commitments last week.  1. don’t eat after 7pm. 2. drink 3-5 litres of water daily.

So there you have it, the Pitre/Grant weight loss plan in 2 easy steps.

Photo is of myself and my newborn daughter Elizabeth (who at birth weighed 6lbs, 11 oz)….not much more really than the weight I loss over the past 7 days!



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So Jay turns 38 tomorrow. Great that we both started this journey so that we beat the 40 year crunch. I’ve got a year on him but hoping by the time is see 40 that I will be in better shape then I was at 30.

I’ve been doing really good this week. One cheat in the evening but otherwise good. My water intake has been averaging 4 liters and it feels like week one all over again with the amount of times I’ve been visiting the bathroom.

I’ve also been doing good with the exercise too. I walked 6 miles today or 10k for my fellow Canadians. This morning I walked to a local parish, St. Pius X for a mission happening there. A couple of things occurred to me while I was there. I don’t really go to that parish very often anymore. Sometimes for confession but that’s about it, but a lot happened to me there. Back when I was I shape, early in my university career I used to help lead music there for Mass. I taught high school catechism there. I discerned the priesthood there. I met one if my best friends, Fr. Danny there and I proposed to my bride there in front of the tabernacle at midnight Mass. It has a lot of memories. I was baptized there and attended my grandfather’s funeral. I was thinking about these memories today for some reason as I listened to the retreat master, Fr. Philip give a great reflection. Not sure what God was and is doing with me and these memories, but it was a great trip down the lane.
I’m working on getting things ready for our upcoming Father/Son camp. My boys affectionately call it, “Man Camp”. Our theme this year is “Do Hard Things”. We expect so little of our youth, we praise them for accomplishing the most simple of tasks, but God calls them to do great things and we should be encouraging them to do great things too. So this week I am going to try and do hard things. I started today by getting a plane ticket to fly to Ottawa. I’m tired of letting my fear of flying determine my future. Time to man up and get it done. That goes for my weightloss too. Enough excuses, get it done !!
Pax, Brady

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Almost 38 years old, one more sleep!

photo (6)

My wife and kiddos had prepared a great dinner for me to celebrate but yet another passing of a spin around the sun.  On September 18, 1975 at around 7:20pm, Brenda and Edmund Pitre welcomed their First born into the world, Jason Edmund.

I’m grateful, more now then ever for the gift of life. It’s a miracle really.  I have now been able to witness the birth first hand of 7 of my own beautiful children. As a society, we need to be welcoming of life, in all stages.  For me, I guess I’m doing my best to take care of my 38 year old frame, hoping by the time I’m 39, I’ll be in the best shape of my life.

Dinner this evening was a slow cooker boiled dinner (pork roast with potatoe, turnip, carrot, cabbage, parsnips, onions) which was prepared by my handy 13 year old David.  I had a few servings.  Dessert was birthday cake of course!  The cake was yummy, and glutten free, sugar free and guilt free!  I had a nice piece of cake, which was lovingly made by my daughter Mary Theresa, cake make extraordinaire!

The photo of myself and my birthday cake….my wife caught me in the action of

stealing the berry off the top. It’s my cake!IMG00883-20130917-1751

The 2nd photo is the main dish, in the slow cooker.



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Horsin’ Around and 7×77


Sunday was a beautiful day. I had the opportunity to have a “Date” with my son Martin at Beanz Café on University.  I enjoy some one on one time with my children when the opportunity arises. Mass was great, visiting priest Fr. Chircop, SJ gave an excellent homily.  Home for brunch, the off the “open farm day”. We visited a mixed use farm on the millview Road, owned by the Drakes (Steerman’s quality meats).  They raise Beef, Chicken, Turkey and Pork.  We purchased a side of beef for our deed freezer, really looking forward to some great tasting beef!

The attached photo is of my oldest son (David) helping his youngest brother (Martin) on a horse back ride at the Drake Farm.  Good times.

Dinner was at the DesRoches (my in laws) for a traditional turkey dinner….it was wonderful.

My water consumption is up, and generally my evening eating is curbed…other than a flop Friday evening.

Back to Sunday’s homily with Fr. Chircop, SJ, I was reminded of Jesus’s love and his crazy desire to embrace his children. His eagerness to forgive me for my shortcomings reminds me of another Gospel scripture, 7x 77. Each time I fall off my horse, I am reminded of his willingness to forgive and desire for me to start again….as many times (even 7×77 times) as is needed.

One day at a time,


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What Do You Mean No Midnight Snack?

It feels like I haven’t been out for a walk in about a week but I know that’s not true. Amazing how routine it becomes so that when you take a few days off you really miss it. On Thursday I helped my brother in law with some cleaning jobs. I walked a bunch but I also lifted quite a bit. That night I took the boys to the gym. They’ve hit that age that they need to actually start thinking about being in shape rather than taking it for granted. It took me until today for my legs to feel back to normal after all those squats..ahhhhh!

Yesterday I spent the day out at a farm helping to cut wood, then split it and then load and unload it unto a truck. I realize how badly out of shape I am when I help with these kinds of activities. I held my own though and swung a big axe, revved up a chainsaw and lugged wood around for a good 5 hours or so. My loseit app tells me that it was about 6100 calories burnt. I’ll take it. I had a few rewards that day; a sandwich made with bread fresh out of the oven (still steaming) and a roast chicken fresh out of the oven. Simple, nothing else but a chicken sandwich but it will be a lunch I will never forget..AWESOME!
Eating has been pretty good the rest of the time too. I have had a few cheats here and there, but overall pretty good.
Jason and I weighed in this past week, both of us reluctantly, thinking we had gained weight again. I was down 2lbs though, so encouraging. We have committed ourselves to new goals for the week to help us, 3-5 liters of water a day and no eating after 7pm. So far so good, although my water intake is truthfully more like 2-3 liters.
Couple of intentions to offer difficulties up for this week, I’d ask you to just pray for special intention, thanks!

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Time to re-commit, and buckle down, get serious, focus on the goal (thesaurus please?).


So Brady and I weighed in today (been 2 weeks since last weigh in. Last weigh in, we had both gained some weight, it’s been a “yo-yo” for the past 4-5 weeks.  Today, I was down 1.5 lbs, and Brady was down as well.  I am 35lbs down since we started.

Brady and I made 2 very simple commitments for the next seven days.

1. No eating after 7pm (it seems that 90% of the things we eat, that we shouldn’t eat, happens in the evenings).

2. drink 3-5 litres of water daily.

That’s it.  Keep it simple.  Will try to post more often this week also.

My beautiful new daughter Elizabeth is a joy to have (see her enjoying a “Snooze” on my chest …. beautiful gift being a Dad).  She isn’t sleeping much at night yet (Seems to like to sleep during the day more), which ( to be honest ) is more of a challenge for my good wife, who is up a fair amount more then I am during the night loving and nursing baby (I haven’t personally mastered the art of breastfeeding….).

Time for bed.


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2 Clean Days

I feel like I might finally be getting back on track. I’ve had 2 fairly clean days in a row. I’ve gotten my walks in and have eaten pretty well. I bought some gluten free “bread” the other day to help curb my appetite for bread. It’s not the best stuff, I won’t lie, certainly no substitute for yummy homemade bread or even wonderbread. But the point is, for now, when I get that craving, I will fill it with this stuff.

My 3 oldest started their fall activities tonight. My oldest boys went to cadets and my daughter started back with the confederation choir. It doesn’t take long to get back into the swing of eating early to get to all the things that happen early evening. It means I need to prepare our meal plans more proficiently. Today I got a pot roast in the oven at about 11am..mmmmm, slow cooked roast with yummy veggies.

Hope I can keep up with the quick pace ahead!!


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