It’s a new year, time for a Frosty Dip!


OK, so it’s not that unusual for folks to start out a year with good intentions.  Brady and I started out intention of loosing 60 lbs back in 2013…..we didn’t achieve that goal.  I am down around 30 lbs, which is better than being up 30 lbs.  An awesome side benefit of the Challenge Brady and I did  is gaining a redeveloped friendship with my brother Brady.  I have entirely enjoyed our weekly chats, fun moments, and an opportunity to be “real” with someone about the failures and struggles in life.  Brady, thank you for your brotherhood.

Jen (my wife) and I have been chatting about some positive effects of healthy eating at home…I see a renewed effort to continue to improve the healthy eating and lifestyle for our entire family.  It’s my plan to make January a very clean eating month, with the goal of dropping 10lbs before February 1.

My new year’s commitment is to renew a habit I had lost over the past few years.  I am going to start getting up early and consistently early.  I am going to start with 6am (I have been later as of late) for the first week….them work on moving it back to 5:30, maybe eventually 5am.  It’s been my past experience that getting up consistently at this hour allow for the maximum possibility of a successful and purpose lead day.  An opportunity to pray, plan, exercise, organize family work, organize business opportunities…  I’ll report on this progress as I develop it this month.

Looking forward to my 6am wake up call.


ps.  Take a few minutes and watch/click the link below of the video my son David took of the polar bear swim event today (completed by myself and Brady….and our family on hand to cheer us on!)….it’s on his youtube cannel, daveTV



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