Monotony and Food

I’m in Toronto right now, actually I am presently attending a conference that can only be described monotonous. That’s the way some of these business meetings go. When I am bored my mind typically goes to food, so I thought if I wrote now, while at this meeting, I could focus again.
I’ve had some ups and downs again this week. When Jay and I weighed in I was down 1 lb. again I think I should have been up. I didn’t drink water like I said I would, but I didn’t eat after 8 ( well except for the times I did). But I did pray for my brother Jay everyday (secretly that he was doing as bad as I. Haha, I kid ) when I travel it’s easy for me to eat well, and by that I mean, some really yummy food. This trip to TO has been no different. I’ve managed to have fries twice (once in poutine form..mmm) and I had a coke (although I tried very hard to get something else it was all that was available ) I haven’t eaten any dessert so that’s a good thing and I have drank lots of water. That combined with whatever stress does to my body because of flying and I am off to a good start this week.

I am looking forward to the next few months. My travel schedule will be lighter so I can really rededicate myself and efforts. (Baby Moira might bring some new challenges but I am very much looking forward to those challenges)

So I’m flying again tomorrow and offering up that stress for a good friends intentions. If anyone has a spare moment I’d appreciate any prayers you could send my way!


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