My boys, so proud of them

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This past Thursday evening, my boys had their 137 Chickens brought to their planned fate, and packaged for their anxious customers (see photo of the chickens in the back of my truck on ice…ready for deliveries).  There were smelly days of feeding and caring for so many chickens, but these young boys/men of mine stuck to their plan and raised many chickens for sale.  A big thank you to my parents (Buddy and Brenda…and Ilma) along with my In-Law’s (Ken and Anne Marie) who assisted us in delivering all these chickens to are numerous customers.  Also, a sincere thank you to all our customers for purchasing the chickens from my boys.

David, Stephen and Joe are now anxiously waiting for our “accounting” evening where we will calculate “profit” and where we will divide the profit.  As you can imagine, the have some plans to purchase a desired item or 2…but generally, they are going to follow my advice as follows:  1. 10% for God, act of Charity.  2. 50% for investment/savings until next business opportunity arises. 3. 35% for a “Special” purchase. 4. 5% for “spending” cash.

Brady and I have been struggling this past month to stay focused on our weight loss goals.  We discussed this afternoon a few possible goals, and I have decided that I am committed to loosing 25lbs before the end of the year, which would make 60 total. that is 2lbs a week, every week.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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2 Responses to My boys, so proud of them

  1. Lisa Carragher says:

    Way to go boys! You have one very special Dad there, I could feel his pride right through my computer!!! Good luck with the weight loss Jason!

  2. Chantal Thibeault says:

    Hey guys, I cooked one of my chickens this afternoon as my thanksgiving “turkey” and it was delish…. very tender… very glad to have participated as a customer 🙂

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