Chillin in Ottawa

I’m really getting lazy with this blogging thing. I have an excuse this week. I’m terrified about flying (well I guess I’m learning to realize that I’m more afraid of how uncomfortable it makes me feel but that’s another story). Typically if I’m flying somewhere I start to shut down about a week beforehand. This past week was no different. I didn’t walk a single day, and that’s something I actually enjoy doing. After losing 7 lbs last week I started to celebrate and never really stopped. So those two things combined brought a 2 lb gain at weigh in. It could have been a lot worse but I’m never happy with a gain.

Now I’m in Ottawa, and when traveling, most of the resolutions I make get ignored, mostly by necessity. So far I’ve eaten supper well past 8pm so no eating after 7 just hasn’t been possible. I did walk for about an hour and a half yesterday so that was helpful. But my days are full with VERY little downtime.
I’m praying that my trip home tomorrow is as uneventful as my trip here and I’m looking forward to being back with my familia!!

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2 Responses to Chillin in Ottawa

  1. Theresa Beaulac says:

    So happy that you had an uneventful flight; it will be the same coming back to the Island; love you muchly xo

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