So Jay turns 38 tomorrow. Great that we both started this journey so that we beat the 40 year crunch. I’ve got a year on him but hoping by the time is see 40 that I will be in better shape then I was at 30.

I’ve been doing really good this week. One cheat in the evening but otherwise good. My water intake has been averaging 4 liters and it feels like week one all over again with the amount of times I’ve been visiting the bathroom.

I’ve also been doing good with the exercise too. I walked 6 miles today or 10k for my fellow Canadians. This morning I walked to a local parish, St. Pius X for a mission happening there. A couple of things occurred to me while I was there. I don’t really go to that parish very often anymore. Sometimes for confession but that’s about it, but a lot happened to me there. Back when I was I shape, early in my university career I used to help lead music there for Mass. I taught high school catechism there. I discerned the priesthood there. I met one if my best friends, Fr. Danny there and I proposed to my bride there in front of the tabernacle at midnight Mass. It has a lot of memories. I was baptized there and attended my grandfather’s funeral. I was thinking about these memories today for some reason as I listened to the retreat master, Fr. Philip give a great reflection. Not sure what God was and is doing with me and these memories, but it was a great trip down the lane.
I’m working on getting things ready for our upcoming Father/Son camp. My boys affectionately call it, “Man Camp”. Our theme this year is “Do Hard Things”. We expect so little of our youth, we praise them for accomplishing the most simple of tasks, but God calls them to do great things and we should be encouraging them to do great things too. So this week I am going to try and do hard things. I started today by getting a plane ticket to fly to Ottawa. I’m tired of letting my fear of flying determine my future. Time to man up and get it done. That goes for my weightloss too. Enough excuses, get it done !!
Pax, Brady

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