Almost 38 years old, one more sleep!

photo (6)

My wife and kiddos had prepared a great dinner for me to celebrate but yet another passing of a spin around the sun.  On September 18, 1975 at around 7:20pm, Brenda and Edmund Pitre welcomed their First born into the world, Jason Edmund.

I’m grateful, more now then ever for the gift of life. It’s a miracle really.  I have now been able to witness the birth first hand of 7 of my own beautiful children. As a society, we need to be welcoming of life, in all stages.  For me, I guess I’m doing my best to take care of my 38 year old frame, hoping by the time I’m 39, I’ll be in the best shape of my life.

Dinner this evening was a slow cooker boiled dinner (pork roast with potatoe, turnip, carrot, cabbage, parsnips, onions) which was prepared by my handy 13 year old David.  I had a few servings.  Dessert was birthday cake of course!  The cake was yummy, and glutten free, sugar free and guilt free!  I had a nice piece of cake, which was lovingly made by my daughter Mary Theresa, cake make extraordinaire!

The photo of myself and my birthday cake….my wife caught me in the action of

stealing the berry off the top. It’s my cake!IMG00883-20130917-1751

The 2nd photo is the main dish, in the slow cooker.



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2 Responses to Almost 38 years old, one more sleep!

  1. Floyd Gallant says:

    Happy 38th. Rejoice! 38years is not even a breath in the length of time God has loved you!

  2. Jason Pitre says:

    Thanks Father, God is good, All the time!

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