What Do You Mean No Midnight Snack?

It feels like I haven’t been out for a walk in about a week but I know that’s not true. Amazing how routine it becomes so that when you take a few days off you really miss it. On Thursday I helped my brother in law with some cleaning jobs. I walked a bunch but I also lifted quite a bit. That night I took the boys to the gym. They’ve hit that age that they need to actually start thinking about being in shape rather than taking it for granted. It took me until today for my legs to feel back to normal after all those squats..ahhhhh!

Yesterday I spent the day out at a farm helping to cut wood, then split it and then load and unload it unto a truck. I realize how badly out of shape I am when I help with these kinds of activities. I held my own though and swung a big axe, revved up a chainsaw and lugged wood around for a good 5 hours or so. My loseit app tells me that it was about 6100 calories burnt. I’ll take it. I had a few rewards that day; a sandwich made with bread fresh out of the oven (still steaming) and a roast chicken fresh out of the oven. Simple, nothing else but a chicken sandwich but it will be a lunch I will never forget..AWESOME!
Eating has been pretty good the rest of the time too. I have had a few cheats here and there, but overall pretty good.
Jason and I weighed in this past week, both of us reluctantly, thinking we had gained weight again. I was down 2lbs though, so encouraging. We have committed ourselves to new goals for the week to help us, 3-5 liters of water a day and no eating after 7pm. So far so good, although my water intake is truthfully more like 2-3 liters.
Couple of intentions to offer difficulties up for this week, I’d ask you to just pray for special intention, thanks!

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