2 Clean Days

I feel like I might finally be getting back on track. I’ve had 2 fairly clean days in a row. I’ve gotten my walks in and have eaten pretty well. I bought some gluten free “bread” the other day to help curb my appetite for bread. It’s not the best stuff, I won’t lie, certainly no substitute for yummy homemade bread or even wonderbread. But the point is, for now, when I get that craving, I will fill it with this stuff.

My 3 oldest started their fall activities tonight. My oldest boys went to cadets and my daughter started back with the confederation choir. It doesn’t take long to get back into the swing of eating early to get to all the things that happen early evening. It means I need to prepare our meal plans more proficiently. Today I got a pot roast in the oven at about 11am..mmmmm, slow cooked roast with yummy veggies.

Hope I can keep up with the quick pace ahead!!


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