Getting Worse

I’m really not getting any better at this blogging thing. It’s certainly a good thing I don’t get paid to write. It’s funny because I really do enjoy writing. I like to “confess” my diet sins and like the positive feedback I get. So why am I so bad at keeping up with it?

It’s been an okay week. My eating has been a wee bit like a roller coaster. Some really good days and some really bad days. This week in trying hard to do the wheat free thing again. I’m still trying to work off the bad mistakes I made in Alabama. I’m back to drinking green tea (a cup a day right now, hoping to get back to 3) and my water intake is getting up there again. So I’m making the right decisions.

My walking took a break last week too. I only got out 3 days. Today I tried a different route, walking the confed trail. I didn’t think I would like it but it was peaceful. Not so many people driving by, staring me in the face and asking, “Why you so sweaty?”, “Are you gonna die?” So I might try again tomorrow. I am also looking into a gym pass at UPEI. If anyone knows a better spot let me know. I used to go to the Spa, but I didn’t really like the walking path. At UPEI I would get the path, a good pool, nice gym and some good squash courts. Winters coming and I need to keep up the exercise.
Anyway, thanks to those that continue to encourage me and keep pushing me to write more often. We didn’t get a weigh in this week because my good buddy’s bride just had baby number 7. He was kinda busy!

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