What a great day today was. None of us expected much from the day, I actually thought it was going to rain
all day. The sun shined, it was beautiful and warm, and we just went for it and had a blast.
We left the house and went to the farmers market first. This is my favorite Saturday activity. I LOVE the market. I love seeing old friends and just hanging around really good food. I ALWAYS get a beef samosa from Makena’s..mmmm, just spicy enough. The kids and Jodi got smoothies and Patrick and Kolbe went for their favorite, JJ Stewarts Root Beer.
We left the market and went down to the waterfront to BuskerFest. There were some great acts and we had a great time. This type of entertainment is right up my kids alley. I see Kolbe on his unicycle, juggling chainsaws while spewing fire from his mouth. Truly, I see this as a reality.
We then went to the opening of a new Kent store that opened across the street from us. We didn’t buy anything but I love the smell of a hardware store.
We also treated ourselves to a little MickeyD’s. Just a hamburger each and some dollar days iced tea.
Today was the first day in about a week that I have felt normal. My cleanse did not go at all like I thought it would. I was up another 1 1/2 lbs. I was rightfully frustrated to have gained again. Nothing else in my routine changed except for the cleanse and I should have lost. But just keep plugging away and next week will be better.
Please offer any extra prayers you have for a special intention.



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