I’m not sure what’s at play lately. Not sure why I have neglected my blog. Lots have been going on and I’m sure some insights from you readers would be helpful, so why have I been so lazy at writing?
For one thing, I had taken most of the past week off work to reconnect with my family after a long work trip. So if I’m not sitting at my computer I can easily forget. Perhaps another reason is I’m a little defeated at the moment. Let me explain.

When I got back from Alabama I was upset with myself for indulging so often. Yes the food was rich, but I didn’t NEED to go for a small piece of lemon cake, or NEED to have a beer with the boys, or NEED to eat my share if the sliders. It was the constant small decisions that added up. But 8lbs worth of small decisions is crazy!
When Jason and I weighed in on Thursday I was at 5lbs up, so I did manage to lose 3 lbs in 2 days, which is pretty good, but I could still feel (FEEL) what I had done to my body. I was saying to Jodi how excited I was to be able to fit into some shorts without any difficulty only to come home having to keep the button undone. IN ONLY TWO WEEKS.
I did learn a valuable lesson though, that if you let your guard down for any length of time it is not hard to let things go quickly. So instead of wallowing in guilt I have decided to recommit myself once again. This is why I am so grateful to be doing this with Jason and to be blogging about it to you guys, and to have a supportive bride by my side. If I was doing this alone I would have failed many times over and not gotten back on the horse, but I’m on it now and am thankful to all of you for encouraging me.

This week I decided I would try a cleanse. I guess I am not sure what to expect. I envisioned hours upon hours in the bathroom but they opposite has happened so far. So if anyone has ever done a cleanse and has some insight I would appreciate it. I decided to do it not to lose weight quickly and get back on track but because of how groggy I’ve been feeling since my return. I’m hoping a cleanse will get me out if this bloaty funk.
Before I sign off I want to thank each if you who were praying for us to find a new vehicle. We’ve finally been blest to get the Surburban we were looking for. Very exciting!!!

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