The title says it all. I weighed in today and am up 5lbs over the past 2 weeks. I knew it was going to suck but it still hurts. It is a little better knowing that when I arrived home on Tuesday I immediately weighed myself and was up 8lbs, so at least I am back on track.

I have recommitted myself to some hardcore weeks to make up for what can only be described as “party week”. I just said to myself, I’m down south, enjoy it and work hard later. That’s what I did and now that’s what I’m doing.

I did learn a few things though. Now when I eat crappy food, I feel crappy. I never noticed that when I was eating crap all the time. Also, I really missed walking. I am glad to be back at it.

I have decided that I’m going to do a cleanse this week. Not so much to get back on track weight wise, but I can still feel the sluggishness in my body from all that I ate lately. So I’ve never done one before, but if I read the directions right, I’m going to be visiting my friend, “the porcelain throne” often this week. Bring it on.

Please continue to pray for my success and Jasons. I am offering up my coming miserable week for my good friend Bo and her family.

Please see attached photos to see where my week went wrong, enjoy






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4 Responses to CRRAAAPPP!!!

  1. Sue Wypasek says:

    I have started to notice it too. I can tell a difference between 2 and 3 pounds and 5-7 pounds. I feel so yucky with 5-7 extra on me! Sluggish is the right word. Get pack on track and stay away from those yummy(yucky for you) desserts / ice cream Sundays. You can do it! Go Brady Go!

  2. brenda pitre says:

    i always enjoy your comments. looks like you had fun and we all have to have fun some times.. your a fine guy and keep up the great work,, my sisters , three of us are working at weight and are beginning as of today will continue to pray love to wife and all your beautiful kids…God bless you all b renda pitre Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 03:30:29 +0000 To:

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