Heading Home

It’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times. This really does say it all about my visit to Alabama. It is always one of my favorite trips of the year, seeing colleagues and friends again. Reinvigorating my love for working for this company. But it drives me crazy too, lots of new work to do!!

It is bittersweet to leave today as well. I made a few new friends and I know I go back home where I feel isolated from the rest again, but we all do, that’s the nature of satellite offices like we have.

I can say with all certainty that this week has not been good for my weightloss journey. I fully expect to be a few weeks behind again. I might be surprised. I didn’t really cheat too often with bad foods, I just ate all kinds of rich foods. I stayed away from bread for the most part, and even my favorite fast food joint down here was only visited the one time, but the food is REALLY rich here. I can feel it in my stomach, like I need to detox big time!

I know I could have done better and will make no excuses for my failures. I just ask that you pray that I can get back on the wagon as soon as possible and pray for safe travels home!!!

Pax from Bama,

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