Sorry that is has taken so long to post this update. EWTN has a pretty strict policy in regards to which sites I can access. Turns out my blog is not one of them. Maybe I HAVE been wasting too much time online at work from home…haha. Anyway back to my week.
As I mentioned earlier, the food in Alabama is most likely my favorite. Just something about southern food that makes my stomach growl. I have been eating well, but more than I should. Also, because of the heat and humidity it has been very difficult to get out and walk. It doesn’t help that the neighborhood we are in can be iffy a little early in the morning. I have made it out 2 days in a row now so that’s good. I do have a few other insights though that I would like to share though.

All week I have had a song by Matt Maher, “Lord I Need You” here is the link:

This song seems to go with my theme for the week, to stop trying to do everything on my own strength and seek Gods help in my weakness. I had to give a presentation to upper management yesterday and I was obviously stressing about it. God has been trying to tell me all week to just chill, trust, and rely on Him. The homily yesterday by Fr. Mark just reinforced this message. He talked about surrendering my own wants and desires and simply trusting, become like the child. And to top the theme for my week off, I was looking for a prayer to start my meeting with and found this quote by St. Hippolytus, who funny enough, at one point was actually was an anti-pope. Anyway here is the quote.

Christ, like a skillful physician, understands the weakness of men. He loves to teach the ignorant and the erring he turns again to his own true way. He is easily found by those who live by faith; and to those of pure eye and holy heart, who desire to knock at the door, he opens immediately. He does not disdain the barbarian, nor does he set the eunuch aside as no man. He does not hate the female on account of the woman’s act of disobedience in the beginning, nor does he reject the male on account of the man’s transgression. But He seeks all, and desires to save all, wishing to make all the children of God, and calling all saints unto one perfect man.

So the lesson for this week is that I am a failed man and will make mistakes, so put down the extra beef rib, say a prayer for perseverance and put the walking shoes back on. Everything will be okay!!
Pax from Bama,

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