SAY AAAWWWW (some) Fun day!


Sunday’s are usually a great family day.  Morning of getting some kids fed, dressed for Church, Mass this Sunday at St. Joachim’s. My son David and I made some lunch/brunch for the family (good old Tignish steak/balogne, over easy eggs (from our backyard hobby poultry farm), Pinneaple, Sprouted wheat baggle and Pure OJ….yummy!). Then, onto sailing on the SS Pitre War Ship (or a 21 ft starcraft pleasure boat), on the Brudnell River to the Montague Marina for an ice cream. Then back in the van to Charlottetown to Pick up our oldest Daughter Mary Theresa who was returning from her weekend in Antigonish, NS at a Stubenville Atlantic conference. Then unto “the lobster Claw” in Brackley for dinner with the “in laws”…a great time.

The captioned photo is my 2 youngest adorable Children waiting for dinner to be served….Instead of a “smile” as usual, my son Martin Says” stick out your Tongue Hannah”…a true leader encouraging commendable behaviour to all who will listen…and I caught it on camera.

Finished the evening at “fishbones” on Victoria row with my siblings.  It was great to catch up and chat with Jon, Julie and Jenny.

Today’s eating was back to “normal”. did some reading on a “cleanse” I think I’ll do in September.  JEn and I did some initial discussion on our family eating plan for September this evening, I must say, although we have had these conversations in the past, my interest is much higher on the nutrition of our family than before.

Taking it One day at a time.


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