The title says it all. Yesterday was a very long day, but a very good day too.
Any day that starts with Mass is bound to be great. I listened to the readings yesterday with intent. I rarely have a good night sleep and I wonder now if it is because of vanity, HAHAHA (if you didn’t pay attention to yesterday’s readings maybe you should go back and read them again)
After Mass we grabbed a few extra kids (3 to be exact) and shoved them in our little van. We headed off to Victoria park (for what we originally thought would be just a couple of hours) When we arrived our good friends, the Koritansky’s showed up too. Awesome conversations led to us staying until much later then we first thought. (by the way, thanks Pam and Char for encouraging me to write my blogs more often. I was really getting out of the habit!)
We left the park (oh yeah, this is a eating blog…snacked on a few chips, had a sandwich…mmm Roast beast!!, and a few juice boxes, but this was my first meal of the day too.) So we left the park and headed out to my sisters cottage for Sunday Supper with the Fam. It was my wee nephew’s birthday so lots of good food, roasted chicken, new potatoes, beets, salads. I made a sweet thai chili green been dish that I must say turned out pretty good. I also had a small piece of cake.
Sounds like a fun filled day right? Well if all that wasn’t exhausting enough, we saved the best for last. We had about an hour drive still ahead of us and had to drop off some kids that we picked up at the beginning of the day, so we headed for Orwell to have a fantastic Bonfire with the Howe’s and the Madore’s. I know, I know, by the time we got there it was already past most of the kids bedtime, but its summer, right. We stayed for a few hours and had some more great conversations. I also brought a treat for the men, Guinness. If there was ever a better treat made, I don’t think so. I avoided the easy temtations of marshmallows and chocolate, but did enjoy a wonderful homemade oatmeal cookie (my favourite, well except for peanut butter, but still wonderful.)
We got home somewhere near midnight, and everyone was already asleep.
Like I said, LONGEST DAY EVER, but fantastic.

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