Ups and Downs

This week has been rough.
I said earlier that I was going to try and continue the (less) wheat trick. It didn’t really happen. I think back and it may have happened because I wanted to prove the theory wrong, knowing full well that eating less bread would equal less weight. At the weigh in I was down zero pounds. I was the same weight as last week. This can be looked at 2 ways: eating wheat prevented weightloss or (and this theory I prefer) after losing so much last week (due to no wheat gimmick) introducing wheat again should have given me a weight gain. I like that, it means whatever else I am doing, and doing right is helping me with the crappy decisions I make.
I should also note that this week I had a tooth pulled and broke another one, making eating anything other than soft bread very difficult. Also, at weigh in I was beginning a 36 hour love affair with my bathroom. (That being said, yesterday I was down 3 lbs, haha)
This weeks goal will be to try not to stress eat. I’m leaving on Friday for an 11 day trip to Alabama for meetings and a conference. So I stress about travel, leaving Jodi and the kids, and about the meetings themselves. Not to mention how my weightloss will survive the south and my most favorite of food styles…mmmmmm….BBQ and comfort food. (More to come on that trip)
So prayers would be appreciated !

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