Married 16 years, to my best friend.


Over the past week, My Wife Jennifer and I celebrated out 16th wedding anniversary.  That day in particular went by without much fanfare…busy with work, raising children, packing for camp, laundry, cleaning…the regular.  I guess that is what is remarkable about married life over time, the day to day “normal” things done together are what makes life meaningful.  A few days later, we had the chance to spend the evening together “just the 2 of us”…we did some “tourist” sight seeing, and then had dinner at The Shirpwright Café in Margate.  I’d recommend it, dinner in a “traditional” turn of the century rural farm house, and good foods. I enjoyed my appetizer the most, Mushroom soup (sort of a puree with some dark spices, yummy).  Afterwards, we indulged in some Cows Ice cream.

Today Brady and I weighed in for our regular Thursday meeting.  I lost a pound, down a total of 33lbs and weighing 280 today. Slow and steady progress for the summer.  My plan in September (hopefully I’ll be down 40 lbs by then) is to “Step it up” with super clean eating, and exercise.

This evening, my wife who is 36 weeks pregnant suggests we take everyone out to the beach for the evening after our dinner.  We hit the road around 7pm for Ross Lane/Stanhope.  We got an hour of swimming and sand castle making, then some ice cream at Covehead harbour.  We got to see a sunset on a perfect PEI August night.

My daughter is preparing for a weekend away to Stubenville Atlantic In Antigonish NS.  She is fairly excited for the conference with another 800 or so teenagers in attendance.  She has some good girlfriends also attending…she’ll have a fantastic time I’m sure.

Feeling great this evening, salty and sandy after the favourite.

Hoping for a sunny weekend with some boating and fun family time.


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One Response to Married 16 years, to my best friend.

  1. Mary Theresa says:

    “Fairly excited” is the understatment of the year, Dad!! I am Super Duper Excited!!!!! ( just had to make that clear):)

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