178 Chickens enjoying the great outdoors!


It’s always a fun day when the chickens mature enough (today they are 19 days old) to venture into the outdoors, frolic in the grass, and attempt to fly as young chickens do. Today was that day.  As some of you have already seen in past posts,  my boys are selling fresh backyard raised chickens this year.  They’ll be ready in October. If you think you may be interested in purchasing some fresh chickens from my sons (David age: 13, Stephen age 11 and Joe age 9), send me an email: Jason@mregroup.ca and I’ll fill you in on the yummy details!

I just got home with my family from a weekend at family camp (www.hfmpei.com ), it was a great family weekend in beautiful Grand River PEI.  Just before leaving, Brady and I as usual on Thursday did our “Weekly weigh in and healthy living chat”.  Brady was down 5lbs this past week!!!….Very proud of Brady for sticking at it (he did a week of wheat free eating).  I also lost 2.5lbs, for a total now of 32 lbs of weight loss.

About 10 loads of laundry to move thru this evening (camping with 6 kids creates and abundance of laundry after 4 days!), and projects at work to accomplish tomorrow.

One day at a time.


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