Very Busy Week

Sorry everyone for not getting to the blog for almost a whole week.  Work has been extremely busy this past week or so.  I am working on a project for meetings down in Alabama in a couple of weeks.  So when I am done work, i really don’t want to still be on the computer.

Last week I agreed to partake in an experiment with my partner in crime, Jason.  I agreed not to eat bread if he agreed not to go out for fast food.  To say it’s been tough is an understatement.  I can see why it is sometimes called a “wheat addiction”. 

I did cheat (very little) on Sunday.  We headed up to Basin Head for my birthday.  We left immediately after Mass, so no time for a typical Sunday brunch. I made sandwiches for the rest of the family and cut up some kielbasa and cheese for me.  I did eat one of the sandwiches.  Its amazing how good a simple PB&J can be.

One thing i did notice because of the no bread thing was my evening snacking.  I have still been eating my last meal of the day around 9pm (which is about 2 hours too late) and it has been 2 slices of toast with peanut butter.  But without bread, I just sit, dumbfounded about what to snack on.  I am typically not a chips, popcorn kind of snacker (although occassionaly I do enjoy these things as well) so my go to snack is bread.  I ate a lot of popsicles this week to make up for that void.

Today is weigh in day and I am confident that I will be down.  After last weeks gain, I have to be down, right?  No bread, no late night snacking, exercise, swimming, green tea and coffee bean extract, I’ll be down, won’t I?  We shall see.!



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