Muscle, right???

Yesterday was weigh in day again. Guess what…I gained 1lb. How does that happen? This week I consumed about 10,000 calories, but I burnt over 19,000. Logic, science, common sense would all say there should be a weight loss not gain. Again, my only explanation is that I’m gaining muscle. Most of my calorie burning this week came in the form of throwing hay unto a trailer, stacking it, throwing it off a trailer, carrying it up a very steep ladder then stacking it in a hay loft. I did this for 3 days. I no doubt built muscle, but I’m more interested in slimming down, not bulking up. So if anyone out there has some suggestions on how to make my exercise work for me I would appreciate it.
I also made a deal with Jay for this week. I’ve been saying over and over again how important it is to change my way of thinking about eating and not dieting. I still believe this. If you remove things completely from your diet then your weightloss is bound to fail. I agreed to not eat any bread this week, in exchange for Jason not stopping at a fast food joint. I’m doing it as much for him as I am for myself. I don’t see it as a realistic solution, but I am sure it will have positive effects. But is removing wheat from my diet completely a good thing? My suspicion is no, it’s not. I see the results from friends that have gone no carbs, no wheat, no gluten, and they have lost lots of weight, but are they healthy, and is it sustainable? Seems to me it’s another fad, like Aitkens, or South Beach, or cabbage soup, or even steam machines.
What it all comes down to, after our 6 month journey, is, am I better off than I was 6 months ago? Can I walk up the stairs without being winded? Can I play with my kids?
It will be awesome if I reach the goal of 60lbs. It looks more like I’ll reach it closer to Moira’s birth, which is more like 7 months, but I’m okay with that. But most importantly, in 6 months, I’ll be active, I’ll be healthy, I won’t have a heart attack by helping a friend move a dryer into his house (where this all started!)
Please pray that I stay vigilant, but keep perspective too.

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2 Responses to Muscle, right???

  1. Jennifer Pitre says:

    Brady, I agree with you that unless you have a medical need to get rid of wheat it doesn’t need to be an all or nothing but I had an interesting experience this spring. I gave up wheat for lent. It forced me to find other options at meal time. What do you have for breakfast when you can’t have toast??? I have had toast for breakfast for years. And lunch means sandwich doesn’t it? Giving up wheat made me re-evaluate my “ideas” about what I eat and come up with new options, many of which were more healthy and provided me with more energy. I did go back to wheat at brunch on Easter Sunday but I eat less wheat and I think I have a better balance between my carbs, proteins and veggies. It took something dramatic to shake up my normal eating but I am much happier with my new normal.

    • harrymoobs says:

      Thanks Jen. It could be the rumblings of a wheat addict. I agree that I certainly feel better having cut back my bread at night. I am not a huge pasta fan so that has never been a temptation. Definitely have to make some adjustments!

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