So for the next few days I foresee burning WAY more calories than I will take in. I’ve been averaging about 1400 calories consumed a day, and burning around 1100.
Today I was helping a friend bale some hay and store it. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I haven’t done it in years. His farm is really nice and suits his family perfectly. A few pigs, a cow, a bunch of goats, chickens, ducks and lots of cats!! Anyway, we had to take each bale individually up 16 steps (in between stairs and a ladder). Each bale weighs about 65lbs. We stacked about 120 tonight and have at least that but more likely much more to still stack.
I burned close to 3500 calories in the 3 hours tonight. That doesn’t take in the fact that the hay loft was about 50 degrees and I was sweating off another few lbs by just sitting there.
Hoping to get at least one more day, possibly 2 of more heavy lifting. Can’t wait!! Just hope I don’t have a heart attack first…haha!!

P.S. yesterday we hung out with the Pitres and played some Bocci. The Grants lost this epic battle to tie up at 1-1. Not sure what’s next but we won’t lose again!

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