Pitre’s are VICTORIOUS!!!!


Bocce. What a wonderful sport.  It requires skill, determination, team work, endurance, even mathematical skills.  The grant’s were looking as if they were going to take the tournament down as they were leading 3 games to 1….but the Pitre’s pulled off 3 straight wins to take the glorious crown of victory, in an epic battle to the death! (ok, a little over the top, but mostly boasting to appease my children, AKA, Mary Theresa who insisted the Pitre’s must be victorious this evening.

We had a great time with the Grant family over for the evening, kiddos playing in the pool, eating some chicken/salads/tube dogs, adult pregnancy chatter. Dad’s played each game and we alternated our children as our Bocce partner’s. Lot’s a’ fun! Thanks for the good times Grant Family!

Feeling a little off this evening, think my lunch didn’t agree with me (the heat may have been an influence on my cranberry goat cheese salad)….paying the price with gut pain tonight.



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