Coolin off on a River Tube

photo (4)

A few weeks ago, I acquired my first boat.  Slowly, the family has been “warming up” to the idea of enjoying some family fun out on the water. I have a spot at the Brudenell Marina (just below the Rodd Brudenell Resort) for the summer. Today, I picked up a tube at “Crappy tire” and some rope and offered some rides to the kids on the Brudenell River.  A hoot!  Everyone wanted back on….and the more bumps/jumps I could cook up for the kids on the tube, the better (faster dad, faster!).

Feeling blessed this evening to be the father of my amazing children. As has my wonderful wife, my children have also had to put up with my faults, and love me as their Dad regardless….thanks kiddos!

Eating was casual today,  and a few weekend “eating sins”, but feeling fairly confident into Monday on some good eats.

Check out my good brother Brady on his youtube video audition for Master Chef…. proud of Brady and his ability to follow thru on his passions…

Monday evening the Grant’s and the Pitre’s will go “head to head” on their 2nd family vs. family challenge….Boci, Lake Verde Style!  It’s time for the Pitre’s to vindicate themselves after a crushing loss on the soccer match up last month. Bring it on!


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