Lucky Man, and 3.5 lbs lighter!


The past 3 months have been a journey.  It has been so awesome to have Brady’s brotherhood, and so many other good friends encouraging me as I have been striving to make healthy changes in my diet.

Of all my fans, my wife Jennifer has been with me the most, and all along.  Jen has seen my worst, and continued to love me.  Jen started her own healthy lifestyle change years ago… but never pressured or “nagged” at me to change. She let me discover my need for change in my own way, and thru her loving example, I knew I needed a change for myself.

The picture attached is of Jen and I while attending the Brian Adams’ concert at Credit Union Place in Summerside PEI in the spring of 2012. It was a fun night.  I look forward to MANY more fun nights with my wonderful bride.

Thanks for loving me dear, and encouraging me in the many ways you do (and for putting up with my crazy hair brained ideas, which come along so frequently!… being married to a chronic entrepreneur who doesn’t understand the definition of “can’t” or “impossible” can sometimes be challenging!).


ps. The 3 month “weight-in” was today, I’m down a further 3.5lbs this week, for a total of 29.5lbs of weight lost. Today I weigh 283.5lbs.

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