A Good Week

I just realized that its been a few days since my last post. When it’s hot out the days just flow into one another.
It’s been a really good week for eating. I haven’t had any cheats at all. I did think at the beginning of the week I was going to try to go without wheat, but that didn’t really work out. Jason and I always have a good chat after weigh in about what works and doesn’t work. He has been losing pretty consistently lately and attributes that to a lack of wheat. So no promises but I might try to cut back to one serving per day, which would still be a challenge for me.
I must say that my Facebook fast has been going well and if people communicated with one another in any other format (email, snail mail, pay phone) than I would just shut my account down, but alas tis not the way.
I have started to kick up the speed on my walks and today I started to do intermittent running as well. I was walking 5 miles with a 16 min/mile average. Today I bumped that up to a 13 1/2 min per mile, it felt good too. I was watching Extreme makeover yesterday and it talked about being in shape. It doesn’t only help to boost up your heart rate, but how quickly you can bring your heart rate back down again matters just as much, so I tried to focus on that today too.
Tomorrows weigh in day, don’t think I’ll bridge the gap between Jay and I but I am hopeful to finally break the 20 lb mark

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