So Long Pats

My oldest boy, Patrick, left for Cadet Camp on Sunday.  Our house is going to be quite different for the next 2 weeks.  We rely on Patrick for a lot of things.  He is a good young man that works hard and listens to his parents (most of the time).  He is really goofy too and brings a lot of joy to the household.  He will be missed.

Well for those of you who live in PEI you will know that we have had a wee bit of a warm spell.  It’s funny how relative things are.  When we lived in Ottawa I remember having 2 and sometimes 3 weeks in a row where we would be borderline 40 degrees and it would be laughable to think that a cool breeze could be found.  This week in PEI it has been warm, mid to low 30’s.  But we do get relief in the evening and if you are at the beach there is always a breeze.  But warm, or hot weather makes for very hot walking.  I had my water bottle in the freezer and made sure my water was a single block of ice.  Before I would get 1 mile into my walk that block of ice would be like drinking hot tea.  And the sweating, oh the sweating.  I hear sweating is a good thing, helps shed the pounds.  Maybe I will burn 5-10 lbs this week by sweating alone. (not really but it sure feels like it)

Hot weather also makes for lazy eating.  I have not had 5-6 meals a day for a few days now.  I am keeping up with the three main meals and trying to get a snack or 2 in, but I just don’t even feel like eating.  We have been blessed with some great friends who, because of my brides 4+ months pregnacy and wildly uncontrollable hormones, HAHAHA), have donated some window unit air conditioners for us, so relief is to be had and I see better eating in the future again.

One good thing is that I have been able to test some of my weaknesses this week too.  When it is hot like this there is nothing I would like more than a great big $1 days coke from McD’s.  I have stopped a few times for drinks for my kids and have been able to resist the urge.  I have also avoided the urge to eat at McD’s when i am getting them a drink.  So these changes are starting to slowly become permanent ones, which is a very good thing.

We had a great day yesterday.  We had friends over for brunch (homemade bisquits, THANKS PAM, sausage gravy, eggs and fruit.  Then later in the day i went to my sisters cottage and we ate pulled pork and coleslaw.  My mom made some iced tea and citrus water too, which was highly consumed on a hot evening.

Before I sign off, just asking for prayer for some of my kiddos.  We have a few with strep throat and going to find out what else we have today, but not fun being sick, especially in the heat.



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