I can’t believe it, Daddy lost 26 pounds of blubber!…


Today was “weigh-in” day.  As usual, and as posted last evening, I’m usually a little uncertain of the “result”. This week’s result was a good result, with a solid 2.5 lbs of weight loss, down a total of 26 lbs.

The photo of my 2 youngest children was taken at the Canada Day celebrations at Victoria Park in Charlottetown.  I asked Martin (3 year old) why he had his fingers pressed against his face…he said he was making a “big smiley face”….he is cute.

The kids got lot’s of time in our seasonal pool in the backyard today to beat the heat….looks like another hot one tomorrow, forcast is hot, sunny and humid.

Pray for my pregnant wife who is minding the heat….it’s not terribly comfortable to be 31 weeks pregnant, add the heat/humidity to the equation and it will result in a desire to live in the freezer (reminds me of the first time we were expecting our wee little princess Mary Theresa, now 15 years ago…Jen used to “hang out” at the Kmart frozen food isle too cool down…. good times!).

I love the heat, and am looking forward to tomorrow.


ps. my good brother Brady is hanging in and doing great. I must say, doing a weekly weigh in with Brady has been critical to making this positive change happen…thanks Brady.

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