New Beginning

Today I had an epiphany. I like FACEBOOK. Now, why is this an epiphany? I have always had a kind of cool outlook, “yeah I use it, but only because I have too”. But I seem to WANT to use it. I read a blog by a friend today, Matt Fradd, where he talks a little but about this. He is giving up his personal page and now using his public page only. I think I am going to try an experiment too, I am giving up FACEBOOK until I reach my goal of 60 lbs. That might not seem like a sacrifice to some of you, but I think to many of you it would be just as difficult as it is for me.
I know I need to do more so now I’m evoking the power of sacrifice to help with my weight loss. I will offer up my weak times for those that ask for it. I will offer up a petition each time I reach for my phone to hit the Facebook app.
My page will still be up (maybe that will make it more difficult) but you will still be able to read my blog via Facebook if that’s how you do it now.
I had a good eating day today and was able to get in 4 miles too! I don’t think I’ve done enough to turn the tides this weigh in but next week is the one that counts and I plan on working overtime to beat Jay. Everytime I would reach for Facebook maybe I’ll do a couple extra push ups!

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2 Responses to New Beginning

  1. Pam says:

    Hey Brady – I could use some prayer for a special intention! Thanks! So inspired by your determination. Can’t wait to see you and Jodi and the kids now that we’re home. Feel free to drop by anytime.

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