Happy Anniversary

15 years ago I married my beautiful bride.  To this day I still call her my bride because a wedding is just a day, we don’t celebrate the anniversary of our wedding, we celebrate the day we began our marriage.  Calling her my bride helps me remember what I vowed to her and God that day. (and i don’t really like the word ‘wife’)

I have managed to go for a walk the last 2 days and my feet are doing much better.  Thanks to all those that gave great advice to help with the blisters (I will try not to whine about them anymore)  Today was just a short 6k walk because we are preparing to leave for Family Camp.

A few years ago, along with some wonderful families, we started a ministry called Holy Family Ministries (HFM) and now have an awesome facility where we offer camps (or really retreats) for families in the summer.  They are Thursday-Sunday and it is a great opportunity to reconnect with your children and bride, but also get to hang out with a bunch of other families too.  Jodi and I are the leader couple for this weekend, so there is a little added stress (well on Jodi’s part, I just go with the flow, HAHA)  So any extra prayers you have this weekend would be greatly appreciated for the families coming.

Along with camp comes camp food.  I hope that I will be able to resist all the yumminess that comes with camp food and be good, but if i fail, at least I did it in a good environment.  I do know the priest joining us on this camp is watching what he eats too and is doing the gluten free thing so maybe there will be some healthy snack for me too.

I will not be blogging again until Monday, so let the anticipation begin, LOL.


Oh yeah, Jay and I weighed in yesterday.  He is doing great and is right on track.  I am going slower than i would like.  I lost 1 lb for this weigh in, not great, but not a gain.  I have to keep reminding myself that I will have some slow periods and that eventually all this muscle I am building will eventually start doing its job and help burn!



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One Response to Happy Anniversary

  1. Pam says:

    Have a wonderful time at family camp! We will pray for you all.

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