3 1/2 Bananas


Brady and I decided to do our weigh-in today.  The weigh-in last week didn’t happen (too much on the go) and tomorrow is a busy day (it wasn’t looking like it may get cancelled if we waited until tomorrow).  So, my result for the last 13 days, 3 1/2 lbs lost (or 3 1/2 bananas as shown by my sons Stephen, Joe and Martin). This is a total of 23.5 lbs lost to date, and today I weigh 289.5 lbs.

I had one major eating “faux pas” over the past week, endulging in late night fast food at McDonald’s….the addiction is difficult to overcome.  One day at a time.

This evening Jen is out with some other home school mothers, and I’m home with the kiddos.  Dinner was BBQ hamburger/tossed salad. I had my burger as usual without the bun, and topped it with onion, mustard, pickle and avocado.  The kids are sketching together some “learn to draw” method…a horse is this evening’s victim of artistic creativity!

Brady and I discussed the upcoming family vs. family competition…looks like it may be a game of mini golf….should be a hoot!


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2 Responses to 3 1/2 Bananas

  1. brenda pitre says:

    I am so proud of your dedication and strength.. love you son… have a good day….mom Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2013 21:45:36 +0000 To: pitrefamily@hotmail.com

  2. Jason Pitre says:

    Thanks mom, arguably my biggest blogging fan!….I’m so lucky to have you as my mom.

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