No Walking Again

I didn’t go for a walk today. I had taken the weekend off hoping my blisters would heal so that walking could become bearable again. Then yesterday I walked 11km. Big mistake. I have new blisters! I try to change my shoes up but it is not helping. If you have blister stories or home remedies, please share.
So I have felt blah today. I really like the walk, it gives me time to reflect and pray and listen to some good tunes. I am completely addicted to Rend Collective Experiment right now. I can listen over and over again and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys good music.
I also went to my second funeral in a week. Today’s was for my friend Dan MacCormack. It was well attended, but very sad. Most of the funerals I have been going to lately are for people who have enjoyed a long life. When it is for someone young it just makes it harder. Please continue to join me in prayer for his parents. This is their second child that has died before them.

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4 Responses to No Walking Again

  1. Pam says:

    Oh Brady – let those feet heal, my gosh those blisters sound awful. Just let them heal up. What about swimming at the CARI every morning instead of walking?

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