bloggin’ again…


ok, for those who have been checking and have been “in withdrawal” from the absence of my compelling blogging and daily ramblings of my life and weight loss/healthy eating journey…I sincerely apoligize… my absence isn’t perminant. I guess, I’m at the 20lbs hump…I’ve been here before. I lost some weight, feel reasonably good about my short term accomplishment…and see that the “mountain ahead” looks steep and is filled with challenge and I am in a bit of “shock”.  In the past, I just came down off the mountain and gave up….usually gaining more weight than I loss.

The AA motto is “one day at a time”, I remember it well from my Father’s involvement in this important movement (he is celebrating 40 years of sobriety this year, I have a great Dad).  So, this has likewise been my motto in this healthy change/weight loss challenge…I’m trying to not be overwhelmed with how hard the future will be, and not dwell on my past mistakes…I’m just going to do the best I can today.  That’s it.

The attached photos is of my 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son (being held by David, his 13 year old brother) who were enjoying a dip in the pool yesterday (we filled the 20,00o litre pool Saturday….I’m sure the water was still “icy cold” when they were in….but the kids couldn’t wait for a backyard dip…)

This evening, my son David ran 4km in 26 mins and my son Stephen went for a great bike ride.  My exercise is mostly supportive…haven’t found a groove here.

Weigh in this week is a week overdue, looking forward to getting back at it again (although I’ll have to pay for the sins of some fastfood eating this past weekend).

One day at a time.


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