What a fun day I had. I woke up early this morning, which was strange since I had a late night. I went for my morning walk, about 5miles. I grew some new blisters that didn’t bother me until I was almost home. I had a very productive work day and ate really well.
I had a meeting this evening a decided to walk to it as well. By the time I got home (another 3.5 miles) my blisters were just about ready to pop on their own. A wee Epsom salt bath later and feeling much better.
When I did my final calorie count for the day, I am actually in a negative count. So I managed to burn more than I consumed. AWESOME!
Hoping my feet heal so the walk tomorrow goes without issue.
P.S. just found out this evening that a man who truly helped me grow in faith and nurtured my growing faith passed away. Bishop Vernon Fougere, you will be sorely missed. I loved going to confession to you and our great chats over coffee or hot chocolate! Please pray for a quick trip to his Heavenly Reward.

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