Victory on the Field

ImageImageImageWe are into week 9 now.  Jay and I are both on track.  Yesterday was Father’s Day and it was a blast.  I got the family up early to get some last minute cleaning done before we went to Mass. (We had the Pitres coming over for lunch and soccer immediately following Mass so we had to look our best, haha)

After Mass we typically stay around and chat with all of our friends, but we cut that short today, getting a few good lucks for the game and encouraging words on the weight loss so far.  As soons as we got home I started up the Q.  I had been marinating chicken in an awesome, coconut milk and lime marinade all night long. (It had a curry taste to it because of the added curry powder and cumin)  I must say that it turned out delicious, especially after squeezing some fresh lime on it afterwards.  We also had some brown rice, garden salad, fruit salad and hot dogs for the kids. 

None of us wanted to eat to much though as we were preparing to head out to the soccer field in fron of our house.  There was lots of trash talking.  The Pitres even brought us a box of Kleenex to cry into when we lost the game. HA, I love that our competitive nature carries over into our children.  I must admit though, that everyone was very positive and treated each other with a lot of kindness.

Well the game went great.  The Pitres got off to a 2 point lead early into the game.  It must have scared my kids because we came back with 7 straight goals.  The Pitres got a couple more, but were to far behind to catch the Grants.  Final score, Grants 10, Pitres 6.  What was best is that we had an awesome time and workout too.  Our brides were excellent cheerleaders, although neither put on the costumes, LOL!  We even had a half time break of water and watermelons.

Later we went to my parents house for our Father’s Day feast.  Lobster and steak!  I stuck with the steak since I have no love for the cockroach of the sea,  There were some yummy salads as well and I brought a bottle of mead (AWESOME)

Today I woke up with my blisters feeling okay.  My walk went great and I am feeling really good today.  I added an extra mile to my walk in the hopes that by the end of next week my morning walk will be 10 km or just over 6 miles for my American friends.

God is good.

Pax, Brady

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2 Responses to Victory on the Field

  1. dave says:

    pitres had 7 goals thank you hahaha

  2. Leanne says:

    Keep up the great work brother AND way to represent in the soccer game!!!!! Go Grants Go!!!!

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