Sunshine and BBQ

I love the summer. I really could live in a place that would be warm year round. I am a firm believer that those that want to experience 4 seasons need only spend one winter and spring in PEI, you’ll get over that need quickly. But I love summer and LOVE BBQuing. Today I made sticky lime pork tenderloin, awesome, that and rice and green beans!
I missed walking this morning, I’ve decided that if I want to play soccer tomorrow or walk again this week that I need to give blisters a chance to heal a little.
Nothing crazy or mind blowing to report today but wanted to wish all the Papas out there a happy Fathers Day tomorrow !



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2 Responses to Sunshine and BBQ

  1. Pam says:

    Grilled Apples? WOW! Mmmmm….YUM!

  2. harrymoobs says:

    Pam, yeah, if you are going to do pork, you might as well do it right with grilled apples. Grliied peaches are even better, but they are not in season yet! mmm(oh yeah, add honey to them after you take them off)

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