Well, today was weigh in day. I will give you a little insight into my competitive nature. I was trying to arrange an appointment to give blood for today (it’s happening tomorrow) because I thought it might give me a pound or two advantage.
Jason was the big winner today, finally reaching the elusive 20 lb mark. I came in 2 lbs shy of 20 for a grand total of 18. That was a weight loss of 3 lbs this week. Not bad. We were not able to get the soccer game in today, but it looks like Sunday might be game day.
It looks like most of the health experts are right though, we have been at this for 9 weeks and I’m at 18 lbs. That’s 2lbs a week, just like it was said to be healthy and sustaining.
Exercise has been good. I did another 7 km walk today and I have a question, can you get blisters on top of blisters? Ahhh. My feet are killing me. I finally found my running shoes, so that should help quite a bit. I was able to take almost 4 minutes off my time. Really good. I am very much looking forward to a few weeks of uninterrupted dieting and exercise, no travel for a while. Now I hope it shows in my results.

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3 Responses to WOOT!

  1. Leanne says:

    I’m so proud of you!!! keep up the great work!!!

  2. brenda pitre says:

    Brady,,, that is super.. whow 2 lbs per week , can’t ask for much more than that, keep up the good work, i am working on knocking lbs as well and it is very difficult , sure not taking of 2 lbs per week but am keeping up the battle… brends [jason’s mom Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 23:30:06 +0000 To: pitrefamily@hotmail.com

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