I started today (well really yesterday but who’s counting) to take the exercise aspect of this journey seriously. This morning I woke up early and walked for about 1 1/2 hours. Not just a stroll either, but really pushing it. I walked about 7km which is going to be my morning walk from now on. I made the mistake of wearing my old Chuckies, so my feet are paying the price now. But it is worth it. I hope to do the same route tomorrow but quicker. I am also throwing in some push-ups and “mountain climbers” and some triceps exercises at the park too. Each and every day I will try to do a chin up. You heard me, A, chin up. When I was younger I did these all the time, with little effort. I even remember doing them in my friend Brian’s basement (they had a support beam that made a great chin up bar). But I can’t even do one right now. I know my progression will be going well when I reach this milestone.
I have also taken up moving around while sitting at my desk. I have a 20 lb kettle bell that I have been doing a couple of different exercises with throughout the day. I managed to do 10 sets of 20 curls on each arm, then 10 sets of 20 lifts. I’ll be buff in no time.
Today was a good eating day too, with all the calories burnt from exercising I am only at 600 cals for the day. If I keep this up I might even catch up to Jay this week. That’s the goal so I don’t have to pay for “Man of Steel” on Thursday. I hope to not even need the 2 lb advantage I’ll get for the Grants beating the Pitres in soccer.

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