I’m parkin’ in a new spot!

macdonalds bird

Slowly, very slowly but surely, I am less and less attracted to the fast food drive thru.  It has been 7 weeks since I have started. I feel my progress has been too slow, no “amazing results in 1/2 the time!!” type of stories can I recount.  I really don’t feel down or discouraged however, I feel good. I physically and mentally haven’t felt as well for a LONG time.  I am coming to discover a pattern.  It is the wheat pattern. When I eat wheat, I feel sluggish, I crave more food/wheat, and my digestive system is “out of whack”.  I have almost eliminated wheat from my diet.  I really haven’t done much for portion control, really very little exercise, I have mostly just drank lot’s of water and reduced/eliminated wheat.

My fast food addiction is real, and it’s connected to wheat.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I don’t expect much weight loss, hoping to be “even” from last week. I’m working on a more significant plan for the last week of our 2nd month competition….mostly liquid protein, water, a total flush for 7 days (well, almost 7 days, I have some family plans for the weekend, which involves lobster.. can’t miss that!).

Watching the Bruins just crush the Penguins, man are the Bruin’s strong this year…I suspect there is no stopping them win the cup.


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