Another Weigh In

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I always wish I would be looking forward to it. This week was an average week. I ate mostly right, my attempts to keep the bread down was OK, but not great. I have noticed that my last meal of the day has been getting later and later. This was always a problem with me, late night eating. I’m eating better, no more 6-8 slices of bread with butter and molasses, but eating late nonetheless. I didn’t get as much water as normal, maybe a little more than a liter, but 3 glasses of green tea. Did you know that drinking 3 glasses of green tea in a day will actually help you burn 100 calories, so not even no calories, an actual negative calorie count. I’ve been working on push ups and try to get some in everytime I go to the kitchen. I’m up to close to 50 a day (not all at once, but still)
So we will see what tomorrow brings. I’m not looking forward to my weekend and food, heading to Toronto and doing it in record time, so no chance to sit and eat good food, we will see what the weekend brings!

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