Extreme Makeover

I’m lying on the couch watching extreme makeover weightloss edition. It always strikes me that I am being sedentary watching this inspirational show. I compare myself and my journey to what they are able to do in the same time. This chick weighed in at 314 first day and was challenged to drop 80 lbs in the first 3 months. I see my own struggles and think, how is that possible. What is she doing that I’m not? First and foremost. She has a personal trainer helping her, pushing her and encouraging her every step of the way. Telling her EXACTLY what to eat, oh yeah, and working out over 2 hours a day. Can I do more? Yeah I can, I can easily fit in way more exercise, but I’m lazy. I know this is my biggest stumbling block. I would rather not exercise. I have moments of zeal and energy and get into some great exercise. But it needs to happen more often and with regularity.
So that is my new goal, I still hope to eat well and eat right, but I’m going to push myself to exercise more and better. I am going to dedicate at least 1/2 hour of exercise a day with the hopes of moving to an hour. Please pray for me as I take this on because this will be harder than giving up coke!!!

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One Response to Extreme Makeover

  1. Linda says:

    Will pray! Maybe you could plant a garden – after working all afternoon in mine, I tell ya, it’s a workout! (Get the kids involved too…)

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