BBQ, Scallop Potatoes and More!

I have been craving BBQ lately, and as some of you might remember, I am somewhat of a purist when it comes to the grill.  Just give me a charcoal grill and a couple of hours and I am in heaven.  But reality is that I don’t have time to grill this way every day.  So Friday I cleaned up the propane grill in the back deck (scrubbed it clean for almost an hour, does that count as exercise? 🙂 ) I filled up the tank with gas and proceeded to make some delicious BBQ’d steak and pork.  My boys ate it up and even wanted left overs (which is unheard of).  I am going to put aside my purist ways this summer (on occassion) and grill a lot more often.  My bride made a wonderful strawberry-rhubarb pie too, which I did have a sliver (well maybe a baby piece), because I would never dare insult my bride by not eating her yummy baked goodness.

Saturday was very typical, not enough water consumed, a trip to the farmers market for some awesome samosa (and some of the best mini donuts ever, but for the kids)  I did a little walking and rode a bike for a short while, but felt really good and energetic. (oh yeah, I went for a nice long walk with my 3 youngest on friday too)

Sunday is always crazy, i should just resign myself to the fact that this day is NEVER going to be like the rest of the week and just try my hardest not to fall into the abyss. I was able to get breakfast in (which is still a complete act of the will to consume food in the morning) but immediately after Mass today we had a Holy hour (along with a billion other people in the world).  So we did not leave the Basilica until after 1 pm.  I took my family to McD’s for a burger and I had an apple Jodi had hid in her purse, mmmm.(no sarcasm at all!)  Then I picked up my oldest 2 from Bush camp and took them to our evening Mass.

At my mom and dads we had potluck and by the time we got back from church I was definitely ready to eat.  I had made some scallop potatoes.  Sometimes I can pull this off, sometimes, not so much.  But today they were really good.  It was hard not to go back for seconds.  I will admit, however, that someone in my family decided to bring rolls.  To me there is nothing more tempting and delicious than a dinner roll. I had 2..AHHH!  I think it was the first time i have eaten white bread since Jay and I started, and it was great.  I guess today I am going to need to spend a little extra time on the Wii or maybe go for an extra long walk.

Pax, Brady

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