Weigh in!

DAY 53

Today was weigh in day. I wasn’t exactly excited about it, but I didn’t have any dread about it either. I came in at 3lbs down, to be at 16 down total. I seem to be hitting a plateau of sorts and am hoping that I will start losing at a regular pace. It can get frustrating sometimes when I look back over the last 50 some days and I’m only down 16 lbs. I know most serious dietitians will tell you it’s healthy to lose about 2 lbs a week, but when I see this big mountain to climb I want to cheat and just jump on a donkey and make it go much quicker. But then I keep reminding myself it took 15 years to put it on, it might take more than a couple of months to take it off again.
So I am pleased that I am down this week. I am setting a personal goal of 20 lbs by the end of month 2. That means at least I’m on track to do the 60 lbs in 6 months.

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