My work Crew!


Recently, I announced Parkdale Place.  It will be a 32 unit condominium building with 2 bed/2 bath units, underground parking, located on Gower Street in Parkdale, Charlottetown PE. If you are interested in learning more, visit  Regardless, the point of the story is that I recently had Bob MacKay level the site, and add some topsoil to the areas that were shale/asphalt covered.  Last evening, my 2 oldest sons (David and Stephen) helped my rake it out, and spread fertilizer and grass seed.  It took a few hours, and the boys were excellent workers.  They will be my first official work crew on the Parkdale Place Project…Thanks Sons!

Today, Brady and I weighed in…I lost a 1/2 lbs.  This is somewhat disappointing, but expected.  There was a lot of “cake/baking and snack food around last weekend”…and when I take a nibble, I just can’t stop.  I figured I must have gained a few pounds early in the week, and lost it over the past 3-4 days. In total, I have lost 16 lbs.  I have 2 more weeks until our 2 month weigh in….I’m determined to have lost more than 20 lbs by this time.

My mother is over for the day (thanks mom!), which is a big help as today is the end of the month, and a busy day for me at the office. My son David is volunteering at Camp Gencheff this evening, we are bathing some kiddos and about to have a movie night with the “little kids”….Curious George, goes to the birthday party (no really, it is a nailbitter!).

I miss my wife and Joe…I understand they made it to IKEA today and the Marble Slab….let the good times roll in Edmonton!s

As for us this weekend, Tomorrow is a “roller coaster” day at Crystal Palace in Moncton, an “epic” place for youngsters.


One day at a time.


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One Response to My work Crew!

  1. brenda pitre says:

    Sure looks like you have the best of workers and always so willing to work,,, keep it up boys, sure am proud of both of you… and for sure of our son as well.. doing great jason and i am not . too much cheating lately, have to get on track this week… went for a nice walk this afternoon and will be working 12 hours soon , so tomorrow is a new day… keep up the great work son.. your looking just great…….mom i really enjoyed spending a day with the grandkids… Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 23:03:43 +0000 To:

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