Time to Reflect

DAY 50
One of the first things I read this morning while working was that Henry Morgentaler has died. I am going to admit something not very nice about myself…my reaction was mixed. I felt sorry for his family, but somewhat happy for the rest of the world. I know, I know, Christian charity should help me see the good in everyone, but it is very difficult here. This man went through incredible trials in his life, but what he did to our country, to countless babies and to countless women is unthinkable. So yes, I will pray for him and his soul. I hope for only good things for his family and if our Heavenly Father sees fit to let him enter the Kingdom, I pray his time in purgatory might just be a little extra long.
Why am I talking about morgentaler in a blog about food and eating? To let you know what has been on my mind and how it effects my eating. My eating was way down today and I had lots of exercise, Wii, push ups, even shooting with my oldest. My mind was elsewhere. I am angry that I am not more compassionate. I have never been empathetic, just ask my bride, but I always thought I was at least somewhat compassionate. I am struggling with my lack of charity. So any suffering I have this week I am going to offer up for a man I despise. Every pain or craving I will say a wee prayer for a man I think doesn’t deserve it. This was advice a great priest gave me once about learning to be compassionate so that is what I will do. So tonight, when my bride had a craving for coke from McD’s, I said a prayer for Henry. Today when I realized I hadn’t had a piece of bread and was deciding what to have as a snack. I chose crackers instead of bread and said a prayer for him again.
Lord, please give me the strength to find compassion and help me persevere.

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3 Responses to Time to Reflect

  1. Floyd Gallant says:

    Brady. I think that compassion is less something that we have than something we do. Keep on doing compassion. Smiles at your perseverance.

  2. Gloria says:

    The stark realtiy is, not one of us deserves God grace – and not one of us is beyond his reach.

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