DAY 51
I finally did it. I’ve been trying to get to the pool since Jason and I started our new journey. Today I was finally able to get in the pool and swim laps for about 45 min. It felt great. My body feels stretched and relaxed. Then came the nausea. I forgot about that part. I remember when I was a teen and swam competitively, I would often end practice in the bathroom, kneeling to the porcelain god. I just forget how much work it is to swim. How many muscles are being worked at once, and I over do it. So today I had the added bonus of not only working out, but losing most of the food I ate today too…yippee!
But it was a good day. Very little sedentary sitting at the desk. I was out most of the day with my oldest 2 getting them geared up for bush camp this weekend. Momma’s been sick for a while so we treated her by going to the laundry mat and catching up on all the laundry at once. Yea!!!
We also did a nice big grocery trip and stocked up on healthy treats.
So all in all a very good day. Oh yeah, for those keeping track, Jason and I were not able to get together for weigh in, but hoping to do it tomorrow. I took a small peek today just in case and am at least on track again, more to come tomorrow!

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