Chickens, Chickens for Sale


My 3 oldest sons (David age: 13, Stephen age 11 and Joseph age 9) are raising home grown chickens again this year for sale.  They are doubling production this year because of demand last year.  In total, These young farmers/entrepreneurs will raise 165 Meat King chickens (of which they will sell 125) and 15 more brown laying hens to add to our current flock of 14 hens that currently produce a dozen eggs daily.

If you and your family (or anyone you know) would like to “reserve” some fresh Chickens, here are the details:

1. They will be slaughtered and “freezer ready” mid october. We estimate the chickens will range from 7lbs to 10 lbs in size.

2. The price is $3.25 a lbs.

3. We like you to have the chickens the day they are slaughtered, fresh and not yet frozen.  We will arrange a few local (charlottetown) delivery points, or you can come to our home and pick them up the evening they are slaughtered (I’ll give you lot’s of notice on the day).

4. If for some reason you can’t pick them up/we can’t drop them off the day they are slaughtered, we can freeze them for you in our home freezer until you can come pick them up. (We live in Lake Verde, 15 minutes east of Stratford).

This is a nice way to stock up on home grown chickens that are yummy for your family. You will also be supporting some young local farmers/entrepreneurs.

5. How to “Reserve”. Simply send me an email with the amount of chickens you would like to reserve (ie. 4 chickens, 2 small and 2 large) and we will do our best to accomadate you.  You can email myself (the proud father) , please include your name, phone number and your home address (as it may be possible to deliver pending your location).

I don’t need a deposit, I assume if you want them, you want them.  However, don’t worry to much if something changes and you no longer want the chickens, just let me know and we can sell them to someone else…. we are easy to get along with.

It would be a great encouragement for my sons to get some of these chickens pre-ordered (and certainly when they are gone, they are gone).  My parents live in Tignish, so I imagine a delivery to the west end of the Island (if you live Summerside and west, we can accomadate you as well).

Order today, send your email to

JAson  (David, Stephen, Joseph)., St. Maria Farms (Lake Verde, PE)


ps.  Order 4 or more chickens, and we will also give you a dozen fresh home grown eggs….for free!

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