The Game is Afoot

DAY 49

As some of you might have read there is a little bit of a throwdown going on between the Pitres and the Grants. Something Jay and I know well is competition, and it is a healthy excellent way to help us both meet our goals. This competition is a soccer game, family vs family (although my bride has already informed me she will be only playing the role of cheerleader,mmm maybe some more incentive could be if we win she puts on the costume..hahaha)
My kids, once they found out that this epic battle might take place, immediately went outside to get some practice in. I joined them after dinner tonight and we had a blast.
Funny thing though, exercise makes me hungry, and not just hungry, but hungry for crap. I totally wanted a McD’s run after running around. What’s up with that? I can say with a lot of honesty that I have not missed fast food as much as I thought. I do get rare cravings for some fries now and then, but this has not been my downfall. I do remember a few years ago doing a program called “couch to 5k” where a couch potato like me could run a 5k in 10 weeks. After each run I would stop by McDonalds for a coke. Is there some correlation between working out and wanting salty yummy goodness? I would really like to know, it would help me deal with it better when it comes.
Anyway, looking forward to a continued good week. Drank lots of water and green tea today, but ate my limit as well. Gotta watch the snacks and make sure they are healthier that bread with peanut butter!

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