King of the Grill


I love to grill, I love it in the spring, the summer, the fall, and winter.  I recently found the mango and curry BBQ sauce (compliments brand) and really like it.  I tried it on Pork Chops I grilled…the smell lofting in our backyard was attracting wildlife from miles around.

I had a routine eating day, 3 litres of water, and a sensible lunch and dinner. Jen is taking my son Joseph on a “Special mom and son” trip to Edmonton, leaving tomorrow and back home Monday night. They’ll have lot’s of fun with their “Aunt Bec, Aunt Monica and uncle Rick”…I think Joe has picked out a fair number of activities that involve “eating”….a chip off the old block!   So, looks like I will be MR. Mom this weekend…should be easy, right?!

Another load of laundry to flip, and a bit of time with my wife before sleeping… gotta’ stay out of the fridge!

One day at a time.


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